Last Supper


I’m really sad to see Incontro go! This by far was my most favourite restaurant to go to on a regular basis. The friendly staff, the awesome head chef and lets not forget about the amazing food, all played a huge part in making dinner at Incontro a really great experience. We never ordered off the menu rather had Chef Peter Manifis cook for us instead. We even got to try dishes that he had been working on and that were not even being served that night. The best night I ever had there was when I proposed to my now beautiful fiancée Emma and that will be remembered forever.

I managed to book in just before the Christmas eve deadline and boy it was packed. I managed to take a few photos below (don’t know why I hadn’t posted about it sooner) of our last dinner before it had to close its doors. I would Like to say a Massive thank you to Anna, Peter and all the friendly staff that helped make our dining experience at Incontro something special.


First Course Abrolhos Island Coral Trout and Marron Gnocchi Ravioli

Crispy Caramelised Waygu Ribs

Crispy Caramelised Waygu Ribs

Second Course Slow Cooked Dorper Lamb Shoulder

Second Course Slow Cooked Dorper Lamb Shoulder

Cooked on the Open Fire Pork (Very Smokey and Crispy Delish)

Cooked on the Open Fire Pork (Very Smokey and Crispy Delish)

Season Vegetables

Season Vegetables

Third Course

Third Course


Lemon Meringue Tartlet, Incontro Lamington and Deconstructed Berry Cheese Cake Bite

Lemon Meringue Tartlet, Incontro Lamington and Deconstructed Berry Cheese Cake Bite

Thank you so much to Incontro for the lovely memories and I cant wait to see what the future bring for the team who worked there!




Now I know a few of you guys know I managed to get a booking  into Attica, only two days after the 2015 world rankings came out. I was sitting in my car at 6:50 in the morning with both my work and personal phones in each hand to try and get this booking. As soon as it struck 7am (I had to book in June for September) I hit the reserve button only to find one phone had already not gone through.

It was only when I got the prompt to enter my credit card details (12 minutes later) that I realized I had just booked in to eat at Attica. Huge sigh of relief! Attica has given me permission to use the photos I took. I wont post all my photos as there was 22 dishes, drinks to match and I didn’t get photos of everything (but pretty close). They ware all amazing dishes but the photos I am showing you guys are the ones we liked best!


Welcome To Attica


Cook’s Leaves & Ovens Pumpkin Seeds


Goolwa Pippies


Crispy Crab


Lance Wiffin’s Mussels


Beef on the Bone


Salted Red Kangaroo and Bunya Bunya


Marron, Riberry and Pearl


142 Days on Earth


Time out in the carpark garden where you get to experience “The Ripponlea Volcano” before tackling dessert!


Maria’s Green Apple

(Those pyramids are one long, long strip of apple in a pool of rhubarb)


Lois’ Jelly Whip

(This had a 1985 Coteaux du Layon from France to match! Oldest wine I have had to date)


Pukeko’s Egg

(Filled with creamy chocolate)


Crazy Distiller they use to make jam!

Attica Website

Attica Booking

+61 3 9530 0111