First Mugaritz Recipe


A freaking mouthful I know, and I can tell you the picture in the book looks a hell of a lot simpler than actually making this dish. I wanted to up my recipe cooking again so I went up to the top shelf of my bookshelf and chose the book Mugaritz by Andoni Luis Aduriz. This has been my most liked Instagram which I am truly humbled for. Mine in no way looked as pretty as the picture in the book but it sure was a very interesting, fun and tasty dish. This is quite a long recipe and I have written this post out as if it where in the book. Being in Perth I had to substitute a few of the berries I could not find them but it still made for a good eat.



  • 250ml Beetroot Juice
  • 750ml Still Mineral Water
  • 1.2g Xanthan Gum
  • 20g Egg White Powder

Pour the beetroot juice and the mineral water into a mixing bowl. Sprinkle in the xanthan and mix at a low speed with a hand-held blender. Add the egg white powder and continue mixing very gently for at lease 5 minutes. Vacuum pack the juice on maximum pressure (I did it the best I could with a chamber-less vacuum) and leave to stand in the refrigerator at 2-4°C (36-39°F) over night.

The Beetroot Bubbles

The Beetroot Bubbles


  • 100g Strawberries
  • 25g Blackberries
  • 25g Raspberries

Place the fruits into a vacuum bag and vacuum them under maximum pressure (I have a chamber-less vacuum and just vacuumed until all air had gone) immerse in your SousVide at 70ºC (160ºF). Keep the bag immersed for 5 hours and then sieve the fruit to collect the juice. pass the juice through a fine mesh sieve and set aside in the refrigerator covered with clingfilm (plastic wrap).

Red Fruit Juice Berries

Red Fruit Juice Berries


  • 10 Red Raspberries
  • 8 Strawberries
  • 10 Blackberries
  • 10 Blueberries

The berries should be ripe and never be refrigerated (If you cant get this store bought is fine). Halve the strawberries and blackberries if they are too big. Set the different fruits in different containers (try to not refrigerate) on damp paper towels to allow the fruit to regain any moisture it may have lost.

The Fruits

The Fruits


  • 200g White Sugar
  • 200ml Still Mineral Water
  • 100g Beetroot (Beet)

Gently heat the sugar and water in a saucepan until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside. Next you want to peel the beetroot and cut into irregular pieces about 1cm wide. Blanch the pieces in the hot syrup for 2 minutes then place them on a tray and cover.


1cm Beet Pieces


Candied Beets



















  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Lime
  • 100ml Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • 150ml Red Fruit Juice (See Above)
  • 0.2g Blended Pink, Green, White and Black Pepper

Cut off the rind of the lemon and lime, removing any pulp and pith. Put the oil into a bowl and make a twist with the rind of the two citrus fruits. Soak the rind for 2 minutes, sieve the oil and add it to the red fruit juice. Add the pepper.

Lemon-Flavoured Oil

Lemon-Flavoured Oil


Pour the beetroot bubble mixture into a large bowl and add the air using an aquarium pump to produce a the bubbles (I used my smoking gun). Mix the different varieties or berries and the beetroot in small glass bowls. Coat them well with the lemon-flavoured oil mixed with the fruit juice, make sure you soak them well, serve them in soup bowl. Collect the bubbles with a skimmer and place them over the fruit mixture. Enjoy 😀

Ready for Preparation

Ready for Preparation

Bubbles :D

Bubbles 😀

Sun-Ripened Berry Fruits, Drops of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Lime, Cold Beetroot Bubbles

Sun-Ripened Berry Fruits, Drops of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Lime, Cold Beetroot Bubbles

Full credit to Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and the team at Mugaritz it was a pleasure adapting and replication this dish. Link to Mugaritz below


Pulled Lamb Burgers


We had a little family get together over the weekend and what better excuse to bust out my SousVide. I haven’t used it to cook lamb before so I thought I would give it a go. Cooking for 8 people, it had to be something a little more on the simpler side but no sacrifice on flavor was to be spared – so burgers was a great choice. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we all did and I will include a link at the end of the page for those who don’t have a SousVide can still make this awesome burger. On a side note, can I just say that when cooking for a large group of people, the SousVide is the one of the best pieces of equipment.


Pulled Lamb Burger with Slaw and Chipotle Mayonnaise


– Lamb (Shoulder or Leg, Bone removed)

– Beef Stock (or lamb if you can get it or make it)

– Burger Buns

– Half a Green Cabbage (Finely sliced)

– Half a Red Cabbage (Finely Sliced)

– 1 Carrot (Julienne)

– 2 Dill Cucumbers (Finely diced)

– 1 ½ Cups of Mayonnaise

– 2 Re-hydrated Chipotle Chiles

– 2 Tbsp (15ml) Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice


First fill your Sousvide with water and set to 70ºC. Debone and butterfly the lamb and place into a vacuum bag with the stock. Vacuum the air out of the bag and place into the Sousvide for 10 hours (you can place the sealed bag into the fridge the night before if you wish to marinate and get those flavors into the meat). There is a link below to a Jamie Oliver recipe where you can substitute the SousVide for an oven.

In the mean time place the 2 re-hydrated chiles, mayonnaise and lime juice into a small food processor or blender and blitz. Pour into a small bowl ready for the Slaw.

For the slaw place the cabbage, carrot and dill cucumber into a large bowl. If you are making this for people who don’t like chili then use regular mayonnaise and you can spoon the chipotle one on as a sauce. Otherwise, place 1 cup of the chipotle mayonnaise in the bowl and mix to combine.

When the meat is ready to come out of the Sousvide, cut the bag open and brown the meat accordingly (I know you saw in the photos I used a fry-pan instead of my Searzall but I ran out of gas! Rookie mistake). Once browned, place on a board and with two forks pull apart the lamb.

To build your burger, place some pulled lamb on the bottom half of your bun, some slaw on top of that, a good dollop or Chipotle mayonnaise, lastly top with your bun and enjoy!



My friends over at Mane Liquor recommend a Super Cold Mornington Pale Ale to pair with this awesome burger.

Link below for people who do not own a SousVide.