Peri Peri Chorizo and Prawns


What a perfect recipe for Perth’s hot summer. I am a massive lover of seafood and growing up in Exmouth on the Ningaloo Reef, it was very hard not to be! I was in the mood for some prawns and came across a recipe on by Kate Nichols and I added the chorizo ;-). I promise the next recipe will be a bit more involved and molecular, I went on holiday to Melbourne and took my girlfriend to the infamous Vue de Monde. I might just post some photos soon!

Peri Peri Chorizo and Prawns


– 8 Prawns (which ever type and how ever many you like)

– Chorizo Sausage, Sliced

– 6 Long Red Chillies

– 1 Garlic Clove, Finely Chopped

– 1 tbsp Paprika

– 3 tbsp Cider or White Wine Vinegar

– 100ml Grape Seed Oil

-2 tbsp Shredded Basil

– Lemon or Lime Wedges, to serve


First preheat the oven to 180° and cook the chillies until they are soft and lightly browned. N0w chop the chillies (removing the seeds if you desire) and add to a large frypan with the garlic, paprika, vinegar, oil and 2 teaspoons salt. Simmer this until fragrant and then transfer to a mini food processor and blitz and leave to cool completely. Coat the prawns in this mixture and leave to sit while you prepare the chorizo.

Add some oil to a sauce pan or wok and add the chorizo and cook for ten minutes. You then want to add the prawns and cook for a further three to four minutes until the prawns have cooked through. Transfer to a bowl and toss through the basil and squeeze a lime wedge over the top. Serve with lemon and lime wedges.

Adapted from Kate Nichols recipe.

Original Recipe Link:

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