Varnish On King

Varnish On King 

To celebrate Home Cooked Heston and his girlfriends birthday (because we are a day apart :D), we decided on a bar in Perth named Varnish On King Whiskey Bar. King street is a tiny narrow street that runs through the middle of Perth’s CBD and is home to some very high end fashion shops and some amazing little bars. Varnish is down at the Wellington end. As you walk through the two big wooden doors and down two flights of stairs you are greeted to a very busy and happening bar. The walls are covered in all different types of whiskeys and the smell from the kitchen is just as exquisite.


There was eleven of us in total and we all had a good go at covering the food menu. The four dishes that my girlfriend and I had were the scollops, the prawns, the beef short ribs and the duck. All dishes were cooked perfectly but the one stand out dish for us all was the smoked duck it really was an epic dish.

IMG_7547 IMG_7546

IMG_7552 IMG_7551

About halfway though dinner I was told that there was an item you could order that involved bourbon and beer. I was wondering why I missed this on the menu I had to try and I did. Four great bourbons matched with four amazing rashers of bacon. Probably some of the best bacon I have ever tried ever.

IMG_7542 IMG_7544 IMG_7545

Thank you to everyone who came and Thank You Varnish for the great night.