Steak Tartare


This recipe is so simple yet so damn tasty I highly recommend everyone have a go, even if you are not a fan or raw meat. Matt and I had a go at this a little while back, we wanted to make some football snack food. Matt did most of this, I made the toasted baguette chips. It’s just too good a recipe not to share with you guys. The recipe is from ChefSteps and the cut of meat was recommended to us by Torre Butchers our favourite.



– 1 Baguette

– 2 Fresh Egg Yolks

– 100g Beef, Eye of Round or Other

– 4g Shallot, Minced

– 3g Chives

– 4g Capers, Minced or Whole It’s Up to You

– Cornichons as needed, finely diced

– 20g Mustard

– 1g Black Pepper, Ground

– 2g Salt

– Fresh Lemon Juice, As Needed


First place beef in the freezer to firm slightly. You want the surface to be frozen, and the inside of the cut to be chilled (but not frozen). This should take about 30 minutes to two hours, depending on your cut of beef and freezer temperature. You then want to cut the beef into sheets, then strips and then chopped into cubes (You can mince the meat it’s totally your choice).


While the meat is in the freezer, finely dice or mince the remainder of the ingredients mentioned above and either have them ready on a board or in small containers (in my case I like to use beakers). ChefSteps does it different (Click for link) but we placed all the ingredients into a bowl to combine. Cut your baguette into 1cm pieces and toast to your liking.


To arrange place the meat mixture in the centre of your board or plate in a circle and with a spoon make a slight well in the middle for the yolk. Add your garnishes to complete. Enjoy.

My friends at Mane Liquor recommend a Brooklyn Half Ale Saison

Full credit to the crew at ChefSteps

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