Coffee Siphon


The newest piece of equipment to the HCH kitchen is the Hario Coffee Siphon. Soon I will have my own cooking lab! The first recipe I made was just a plain old of coffee as i have to figure out how to use it properly and figure out the timing. I went down to my little local organic shop named Loose Produce and bought some Columbian coffee. They ground the beans down for me as fine as it would go and my first attempt was a success with very little mess made. The whole process was quicker than I had expected and produced a sensational cup of coffee.



– 12g Of Your Favourite Coffee

– 5 Cups of water (Boiled water speeds up the process)


IMG_7195 IMG_7194 IMG_7193

First boil some water, this speeds up the process and saves on fuel for your burner. Light your burner and move it under the bottom chamber. Place the filter in the top chamber and be careful when hooking it onto the glass (Shown below in photos, video and link below) then place the chamber into the bottom one.

    IMG_7192 IMG_7208

You will begin to see the water rise. Once it has stopped drop the coffee in and stir slowly and continuously for one minute. You don’t want the foam to get mixed in with the coffee as it is said to carry a lot of bitter acids. When time is up remove the heat source and after a short while you will see the coffee go back down into the bottom chamber. When you start to hear bubbles that means the chamber is sucking in air and its ready for serving.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Siphon

    • Funnily enough ebday! That was the cheapest I found it including shipping and Hario make lab equipment so I thought it be a better quality one! Makes a great coffee in a cool way! haha


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