Bread In Common



As you walk into Bread In Common, you are greeted by some very cheerful staff and a big atmosphere. The interior is very well decked out with over a hundred lights hanging over the the dining area. We walked past the kitchen, impressive looking food and aromas wafting as we walk past and up stairs to the Chefs Table. The Chefs Table pictured above is a huge round table with a centre piece of candles, honey comb and three lights above.


We wern’t shown a menu (We definetly didn’t need to) it had been arranged by the birthday girl prior to cater to everyones needs. We were to have earth based meals and boy did Bread In Common deliver. Every dish that came out was just as tasty as the latter and by the end of it all I was on my way to a very comfortable food coma that was for sure. Lastly, I was told earlier that morning that Bread In Common had got an amazing review by Rob Broadfield in the West Australian so I was very excited that I was getting the chance to eat at this restaurant.




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