Bubble Gum Dry Ice, Ice Cream


I love making ice cream! It is so much fun and I always get a little bit of a wow factor when making it in front of family and friends. The possibilities are literally endless and with a new website I found (LorAnn Oils) it has made it even easier to concoct any flavour I can dream of. I was asked if I could make this one in particular and it reminds me of those little bubble gums you use to get with the temporary tattoos.

Bubble Gum Dram Bubble Gum Ice Cream


– 1kg Dry Ice (*Specialty Ingredient)

– 800g Whipping Cream

– 300g Full Cream Milk

– 200g Caster Sugar

– 35g Semi-Skimmed Milk Powder

– 1 Dram of Bubble Gum Flavour (*Specialty Ingredient)


1. Combine cream, milk and sugar in a medium sauce pan and bring to the boil whilst stirring constantly until sugar has dissolved. As soon as the mixture starts to bubble, remove from the heat and add the semi-skimmed milk powder and the bubble gum flavour. Blitz with a hand blender until powder has completely dissolved. Once combined, pour contents into a heat proof container and bring to room temperature by submerging the container into an ice bath.

2. Whilst cooling, place the dry ice on a clean tea-towel and fold the towel around it. Using a rolling-pin or a mallet, gently bash the dry ice into small crystals. (PLEASE use caution as dry ice is EXTREMELY COLD and can burn upon contact).

3. Strain half the mixture into the metal bowel of a food mixer and using the paddle attachment, turn the mixer to medium speed and gradually add the dry ice with a spatula. Continue until all the dry ice has dissolved and the mixture is frozen. Repeat this process with the remaining mixture. Enjoy

*Adapted from ‘Heston Blumenthal at Home’ by Heston Blumenthal

*Specialty Ingredients

– Dry Ice @ $9 per kg:


– Bubble Gum Flavour:


7 thoughts on “Bubble Gum Dry Ice, Ice Cream

    • I have made the flavours
      – Salted Caramel
      – Turkish Delight
      – Dairy Free Chocolate
      – Cookies and Cream
      – Pistachio also Pistachio and Candied Fig
      so far!! so if u want them i can give u them but ill post them at a later date theres a place in the city called “cut it out” on hay street they sell the concentrate flavours! lastly when you put the dry ice in if u do it will boil and if it starts to look like its going to over flow turn the speed up on the mixer!


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