Duck Prosciutto


Now this was fun! A friend had told me that you could hand your cured meat in a wine fridge (Mason if your reading this thank you!). Mason had told me that he was making duck prosciutto and I thought to myself damn i want to try that. So I did a little research and found a blog that gives you a little bit of a guide on what to do. This blog is awesome, link at the bottom of the page. I found the duck to be a little bit too strong for my liking but for me but this is just the stepping stone for my charcuterie skills definitely more to come.



– 1 Duck Breast (I cut mine from a maryland)

– 1 Packet of Cooking Salt

– Rind From One Orange (Optional)

– 3 Star Anise (Optional)

– Muslin Cloth

– Butchers Twine


First if like me you could only find marylands, remove the breast from the bones and cut off the tenderloin. Next cut the breast in half (you don’t have to but because I wasn’t sure if this would work it allowed for a faster drying time). Pour about 3cm/1inch of a small but deep tray with salt. Lay the breast pieces in the salt and add the optional rind and star anise if you wish. Pour the remaining on top to cover the duck breasts. Cover with a tight lid of cling wrap and place in the fridge for 24 hours.


Remove from the fridge, wash the breasts of all the salt and pat completely dry. Wrap in the muslin cloth and tie with the butchers twine (click to see how to tie). Next you want to weigh your pieces of meat because to tell if it is ready it will have lost 30% of its original mass. Now to hang in my Vintec wine fridge I snapped a bamboo skewer in half and used that to thread through the loop in the end of the tied up meat hanging from the shelf.


When it reaches that magical number it is ready to unravel. It is totally fine if you have white mold growing on the prosciutto however if it is black or green it is no longer any good. Slice thinly and enjoy!


Great Friday


Here we go The Great Friday Feast! It all started three Easters ago at Matt’s house and is now blossoming into a real cooking event. This year we wowed our guests with our centre piece serving platter, a 2.5m pine plank that we spruced up ourselves especially for the event. Our focus this year was to showcase great WA seafood cooked simple and designed to share.

IMG_7030 IMG_7016


The entrée included three dipping sauces each complementing both the salt and pepper cuttlefish and the chilled prawns. To add a fresh touch we made orange and fennel salad with sherry vinaigrette. I have included the recipes for the entrée in this weeks blog.

IMG_7021 IMG_7020

IMG_7022 IMG_7019 IMG_7025

Following the entrée I prepared a dish of seared scallops with pumpkin purée and cumin foam which will be posted next week.

IMG_6925 IMG_7026 IMG_7028

For the main, a giant pan of Rick Stein paella that was cooked on the BBQ and presented in the pan with our guests serving themselves at the table.


To finish we served mango ice cream with almond tuiles.

IMG_7015 IMG_7033

Links to the recipes we used


Prawns and Three Dipping Sauces:


Almond Tuiles: