I came across one of these quite some time ago now. It was a kick starter project on quite an amazing website which helps by getting ideas and dreams off and running. I know David Chang promotes the Searzall a lot and so do many other world-famous chefs, especially ones who Sousvide. It is quite a tool to have in the kitchen as it disperses the flame, rather than a concentrated blue flame which is a bit harder to control.



The Searzall actually works really well. The fear is once you Sousvide an ingredient whether it be meat or vegetables, that you are going to over cook it (picture below) trying to brown off the outside to get that all important flavor which you still obtain. I will certainly be using mine a lot in the kitchen that’s for sure!

On the left you can see the well done band around the piece of meat and on the right a perfectly cooked and sealed piece of meat

(Image supplied by Modernist Cuisine above)


In the Sousvide cooking

Searzall in action!


Result Number 1


Result Number 2




You need to do your self a favor and get one! Specially if you cook Sousvide, a lot of fish or make a lot of desserts. You get full color and flavor without the risk of getting that well cooked band.

Some links on cooking Sousvide from m favorites:

Home Cooked Heston Turns 1


First and foremost its Home Cooked Heston’s first birthday! Its been a whole year of blogging and I have been loving every bit of it seeing the amount of people who like and view my blog on a daily basis makes me want to cook bigger and better recipes for you guys to follow and try for your selves. I have branched out to Instagram: @homecookedheston and also on Facebook. Now for the recipe to celebrate……Mini duck tacos with picked topping.



– Duck Breast or Maryland

– 1 Packet of Wonton or Goyza Wrappers

– 4 Tbsp Salt

– 2 Tbsp Chinese Five Spice

– Peel from 1 Orange

– 2 Slices of Orange

– 4 Juniper Berrie

– 1 Bayleaf

– 1 Carrot

– 1 Cucumber

– Vinegar to Coat

– 3 Tbsp of Sugar

– 1 Tbsp of Coriander, Finely Chopped



First set up the Sousvide and set to a temperature of 75ºC. Combine the salt, Chinese five spice and orange peel into a small bowl and mix to combine. place the sliced orange bayleaf and juniper berries into a vacpack bag. In a hot pan sear the duck skin until it turns golden brown then remove from the heat and place on a tray. Next you want to rub the seasoned salt into the skin and place into the vacpack bag and seal. Place the vacpacked duck into the SousVide for a minimum of 8 hours.


In the last half hour of cooking you want to Julienne the carrot and cucumber and place them and the coriander into a small bowl and coat with the vinegar. Place the sugar into the bowl and stir until dissolved, cover in plastic wrap and place in the fridge. Next in a small saucepan fill with about 3cm (1 inch) of your favourite frying oil. Next place one wonton wrapper on a spatula half on and tuck the other half under, folding in half. Dip into the oil for 10 seconds or until golden brown. Transfer to a plate, grab the side you just cooked with tongs and dip into the oil again. Leave on some paper towel to drain and repeat for as many tacos as you desire.


When the duck is ready remove from the vacpack bag and remove all the meat you can from the bones and shred with two forks. Drain the vinegar and discard. To assemble, place some pulled duck into the bottom of the taco shell and place some picked salad on top. To garnish finish with a coriander leaf and enjoy. As I was cooking for three of us I decided to use some soft taco shells too to make it a bit more filling.


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