Sodium Alginate Bath


An alginate spherification bath is used for either reverse or frozen-reverse spherification. By hydrating alginate in water that contains almost no dissolved calcium, the alginate won’t gel. But once a liquid that contains calcium ions is dropped into this bath, the alginate instantly begins to gel around this liquid as it reacts with the calcium.



-5g Sodium Alginate

– 1000g Distilled Water


The main step in this recipe is to disperse the alginate into cold water and avoid clumping. For best results you should add the alginate to the water while blending. The alginate will hydrate, usually in less than an hour (calcium in your water will increase how long this takes and also might make it harder to get the right consistency). You can also speed up the hydration process by using a few techniques ChefSteps use in the link below. When the liquid is entirely clear, the alginate solution has hydrated and is ready to use.

The link from the guys at ChefSteps

Specialty ingredients can be bought from the link below

Potage de Tomate Reconstruit


So, the next step in my molecular journey is reconstructed tomato soup, tomato spaghetti or gelification. If you explore their website (link below) it takes you to some pretty amazing and very easy and very difficult videos on how to make molecular food. I’m starting out easy and eventually when I have the equipment (which for me is only 3 items away) I will start to take on the more difficult and daring recipes, maybe EVEN some requests if people have any.

Tomato Soup 2

Tomato soup 1


– 1 1/2 Cup of Water

– Half a Leek

– 1 Carrot

– 6 Cherry Tomatoes

– 1 Tbsp Each of Fresh Basil, Chives and Parsley

– 1 Clove of Garlic

– 1 Cube of Chicken Stock (Vegetable Stock is Fine)

– 2 Tbsp Tomato Paste

– Salt and Pepper to Taste

– 2g Agar-Agar (Specialty Ingredient)

– 1 Syringe and Clear Tube


Combine the water, leek, carrot, tomatoes, herbs, garlic, stock, tomato paste, salt and pepper into a small saucepan, stir, bring to a boil and simmer on low heat for twenty minutes. Once complete, pour the contents into a blender and blitz until it resembles a soup like consistency.

Cover the saucepan with cheesecloth, pour the contents in from the blender and strain as much as liquid out as you can (This takes time!). Once you have the strained liquid, pour in the agar-agar and whilst stirring, bring back to the boil. Once Boiled, pour into a heat proof bowl and prepare an ice bath in another bowl.

Once you have the two ready, you will need to suck the soup into the syringe. Connect the clear tube (all shown in the video in the link below) and plunge, filling the tube full of soup. Once full, submerge into the ice bath for three minutes. place tube back onto syringe full of air and plunge the syringe pushing the now spaghetti like soup onto a clean plate. Arrange however you like and garnish with a cherry tomato, shaves of parmesan cheese and a few drops of quality olive oil.

Full credit to the guys at MOLECULE-R Flavors on the Web and Youtube.

Link to video:

Specialty ingredient:

Agar-Agar can be obtained at most supermarkets in the Oriental section, at any Oriental Deli or the website below