Miso Beef


Ok! I haven’t had the chance to get all the photos and post together about the Great Friday cook off so for now it will be next weeks post. It was definitely a long weekend thats for sure. The recipe I am going to post was Thursday and Sundays cook up which was miso marinated skirt steak and brisket. I stumbled across this recipe on www.allrecipes.com last week (I adapted it a little bit to make it more my own) as I wanted to impress my friends with hanger steak, they had only seen it on my blog. Unfortunately, my local butcher down at Swansea didn’t have any but what they did have was 2.48 kilos of skirt steak which is from the same Plate Cut (very grainy but very robust flavoured steak).



– Steak (any steak is fine the marinade is enough for 2.5kg)

– 2 Tbsp White Miso Paste*

– 1 Tbsp Shaoxing Wine* (Pronounced Shaow-SHEEN)

– 2 Tbsp Champagne Vinegar (or red wine)

– 2 Tsp Brown Sugar, Compacted

– 2 Tsp Garlic, Crushed

– 1/2 Tsp Cayenne Pepper

*Specialty ingredient see below



First you want to combine all marinade ingredients into a measuring jug and whisk to combine. Pour over meat in a large bowl, combine and leave to marinate in the fridge for as long as you can. I left the meat to marinade for 5 hours but 1 to 2 or even over night are all fine.


Set the SousVide to your liking. I generally set it to 58° because that is the temperature half way between medium-rare and medium so it pleases most people. You want to cook the steak for 3 and a half hours then brown on all sides. I served this with steamed greens and mash potato as there was ten of us and I didn’t want to take the attention off the prized steak.

Below is a link to Kongs in Victoria Park. across the road from Park Center they have all ingredients you will need or they can get in for you if you give them some notice


Adapted from Chef John’s recipe on http://www.allrecipes.com


8 thoughts on “Miso Beef

  1. This sounds like a great recipe. I was thinking of using similar ingredients with more liquid (perhaps apple juice) and injecting it into a brisket for a 15-18 hour smoke. Any thoughts? I figure I can make tis as well so at least one meal turns out great 😀


    • That sounds amazing. I am still to find the injector tips for my ISI whip gun I might have to get them next. Apple juice sounds interesting!! There is also this wine called Shoaxing Wine (Pronounced Show shing) that goes with a lot of Asian foods and boosts flavour I use it a lot in just home cooking!! Also I wish i could smoke something for that long haha Ill have to make a smoke house one day.

      Let me know how you go and send some photos what you did I’ll post it on here 😉


  2. Will do. I am thinking of going two directions: sous vide the leaner flat of the brisket after a 2hr smoke with hickory/cherry, and just using this miso marinade as a wet rub on the point for a traditionally Texas-style smoke. Brisket points are so fatty that I think they need the dry crust you couldn’t get from sous vide easily. This will be my first time playing with miso, but I am such a fan of miso grilled beef at Korean restaurants I think this could work.


    • Ive never had the opportunity to smoke meat only with a smoking gun and the little one I have just cant smoke for long periods of time without constant supervision! I saw an article and all they use is miso and butter to baste steaks thats where I got the idea from and now I am a massive fan too. Im curious to see how it turns out! keep me posted!


  3. Due to weather, I had to skip the smoking step this time. I took your recipe, upped the sugar a bit and substituted red wine vinegar for the champagne vinegar. My protein took the form of some really meaty beef chuck ribs, and they’ve been in the bath for about 12 hours so far. I’ll end up going shy of 72 hours, but probably will be in the mid-60s when I debone and sear them. I also wasn’t sure from your recipe, but I used white Shaoxing wine. Did you use white also, or the red version?


    • Ha believe it or not I think I used champagne too! Just shy is ok. I think I used the red version haha I asked the man at the asian deli and he gave me a bottle that has no English written on it but it is red in colour so I might look out for that too! I have done 72hr ribs https://homecookedheston.com/category/ribs/ but I forgot to tag it in beef there is a time and temperature guide link at the bottom from the Chef Step boys!


      • Because of timing, I had to leave the ribs in for longer than expected (closer to 84 hours than 72). I seared them in a bit of olive oil and served with creamy polenta and steamed asparagus. For that long a cook, I thought it was really good although I probably would have used even less Shaoxing wine. The wine taste still came on a bit strong, like a deep red wine braise. The miso, on the other hand, is a beautiful flavor with the ribs. I am hardly a master plater, so if you’ll pardon a rather amateurish arrangement I’m happy to send a photo of the finished product. All in all, I think next time I would just do miso, garlic powder, black pepper, and red wine vinegar and maybe cook off the Shaoxing (or substitute a bit of balsamic) and leave it at that. I’ll have to experiment with that mixture.


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